Simple, rosy and natural makeup look

There is no look I like better than a “no makeup look”. For those of you who don’t know what this is (which I hardly doubt): it’s a makeup look with very basic, nude colours and textures (low in shimmers), so that it looks as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all. The key is to stay as close to your natural complexion as possible. Today, I’ve made the look slightly more rosy and pink than I would normally do, but especially during the wintertime I love a rosy/pink blush. It gives you a lovely red flushed face like if you just had a walk in the cold.


I would have loved to take a picture in natural lighting but since I was home very late I had to do it with my bathroom lights:D . Now, on to the make up: For foundation I am wearing my favourite lightweight foundation the “Face And Body Foundation” by Mac in N1. But, since I have a very pale skin even this colour can be (often during the wintertime) do dark and yellow for me. In this case I like to mix up the N1 with the same foundation but in “White” also by Mac. This is a great idea for when you have bought any foundations that turned out to dark for your skintone. You can just mix them up with the white base, which is also very blendable and actually made to be mixed with other foundations. This time I haven’t used any concealer because I felt like the foundation gave me enough couverage. But this just depends on how good my skin looks (luckily no break-outs today :D). For blush I used the “Fit me Blush” by Maybelline in MediumRose210. The camera doesn’t do it justice. The colour is a bit pinker in real life.

For my eyes: on my eyebrows I’m wearing “Eye Brows” by Mac in Fling. This is a very light colour to fill in your brows but perfect for eyebrows with low pigmentation, like mine. It also looks very natural and that was the goal for today! I’m also wearing my favourite everyday mascara, which is the “Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara” by Estée Lauder in 01Black. It’s a lovely mascara which doesn’t look over the top but still gives you a lot of length. For my eyeshadow I got to use my Naked2 palette. On the lid and inner corners of my eyes I chose for “Suspect” from the naked2 palette. For the crease and the outer corner I went for “Snakebite”.The only thing that’s still left is the lipsitck “Color Sensational” also by Maybelline in the colour MetallicRose146.

This was my makeup look of the day. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and do tell me if you like it!



12 thoughts on “Simple, rosy and natural makeup look

  1. effiewright11 says:

    This looks lovely on you! I only ever attempt it on good skin days but yours is perfect! I also have light brows so am interested in the brow product you used – is it a powder or something else? The MAC foundation looks really pretty too xx

    • Lilyrosette says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, light brows are such a bother, right? It took me ages to find the right product. Now I use the “Eye Brows” pencil by Mac in “fling” which is an taupe/ asblonde kind of colour but the Mac store near me doesn’t seem to sell it anymore and I can’t seem to purchase it online anymore as well. So, I might have to look for something else soon. What are you using at the moment? xx

      • effiewright11 says:

        Any time! Yes, they are a faff – the first brow pencil I bought looked okay when I swatched it, but then had a distinctly gingery tinge when I applied it to my brows. Which would be fine if I had red hair, but I don”t! It was a Rimmel Brow pencil. Now I just use a slanted brush and Urban Decay eyeshadow in ‘Naked’ (Naked 2 would also do), but the MAC pencil sounds much better 🙂 xx

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